NDT Surveillance and Expediting

J.Michael Downs

Eng Tech GInstNDT, LEP, MIAQP                  BINDT No: 006457

Surveillance and expediting at suppliers works worldwide, specializing in heavy rotating plant for the electrical generating industries

Experienced in heavy foundries on castings up to 120 tonnes in low alloy steels and also in 9%CrMo steels

Experienced in non-ferrous material for the Admiralty.

Many years of working in power stations across the world. Involved in setting up inspection techniques and writing procedures for:

T slot blade fixing of disc heads and blade roots

Testing of curved root blades and disc heads

Tenon testing

Disc bore testing for keyway cracking

Shaft transition diameter cracking

Life extension NDT on steam tests and cylinder cracking

Rotor bore visual, magnetic and ultrasonic testing

Turbine blading inspections

Thick wall butt welds including inspection for type 4 cracking in CMV

Construction weld examinations

Managing NDT functions during outages at power stations

Proficient with the use of a Metascop